Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Authentic leaders inspire others to excel, unleashing the human potential that exists in every organisation
Quadrant thought partners with executives and leadership teams to cultivate the mindset and capabilities needed for them to be at their best.
This includes strengthening confidence, humility and resilience and developing self-awareness and courage. Authentic leaders know themselves, have confidence in their capabilities and are not afraid to share their vulnerabilities.

No two leaders are the same and the Quadrant approach is bespoke. We design programs and interventions which support individuals and teams to celebrate and fully leverage their unique strengths while identifying and working on areas that might be holding them back.

Through executive coaching, Quadrant supports leaders to do the deep inner-work necessary to identify roadblocks, overcome challenges, maximise strengths and develop holistically. The coaching process taps into each individual’s courage, commitment and willingness to be vulnerable which can lead to a personal and professional  transformation that inspires others and delivers results.

“I strongly commend Beverly Sacks to anyone who wants to do what we did - to stretch our Executive Leadership Team and take its performance to the next level…”
David Harris, CEO, WaterNSW

Partnering with you to Cultivate Authentic Leadership

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    Drawing on a range of methodologies including: stakeholder interviews, business case simulations, real time observation and any number of tools such as the LSI/ Myers Briggs / Benchmarks, Quadrant hones in on the areas that really matter, both stand out strengths and areas for improvement.

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    The outcome of the diagnostic is a detailed report and debrief to identify which areas the executive/team would most like to focus on.

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    Coaching goals are agreed followed by a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with interim check ins with key stakeholders to assess shift and change. (Both coaching sessions can be delivered in-person and virtually)

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    On completion of the coaching there is a review on the extent of behavioural change against the agreed measures of success. This can be through ratings and comments in a recent engagement survey, an LSI retest etc. If there has been a role change, new coaching goals may be agreed.


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