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“I strongly commend Beverly Sacks to anyone who wants to do what we did - to stretch our Executive Leadership Team and take its performance to the next level. We engaged Bev to work with us both on the senior leadership team as a team and to help scope up quality individual development plans for each of our Executives.

Bev put us through an insightful programme involving exercises focused on vulnerability and trust, literature reviews and discussion on the characteristics of high performing Executive Leadership Teams, feedback from others in the company and, of course, some robust conversations involving honest self reflection! This programme enabled us to better trust and understand one another and to then prioritise and commit to improve on a few aspects that we believed would materially improve team performance.  Also, using a robust, qualitative 360 degree process, Bev was able to help me scope out high quality, targeted development plans for each of our Executives.

For me the stand out feature of her engagement was that Bev’s personality, approach and drive meant that she was readily accepted, earned the respect of and developed a strong, positive relationship with every single member of the ELT – from experience a very hard thing to achieve but necessary to enable the significant degree of impact that Bev was able to achieve with our Executive leaders.”

David Harris, CEO, WaterNSW

"Bev was first engaged to work with Platinum Asset Management in December 2015. The initial assignment was an examination of the culture within our Investment Team.  Since then Bev has worked as a coach with senior leaders across the organisation and more recently has partnered with us to repeat the culture project across the entire organisation.  

In the work on culture, Bev initially used an online tool to assist in mapping our employees own values, and our current and desired organisational values. Together with a series of team member interviews, Bev was able to provide a clear picture of the strengths of our culture, but more importantly, areas of desired improvement.  A subsequent series of workshops enabled us to refine our three key values and associated behaviours that best represent the organisation.  While we achieved the desired outcome, a set of core values, the process was valuable in creating a dialogue around the way in which we work together, which is ongoing years later. 

Bev has great insight into people that allows her to be incredibly effective in challenging one’s thinking.  This was important in achieving good outcomes in our culture projects, and in helping with the development of our senior leaders in her role as executive coach.  The organisation has learned much and benefited enormously from our interactions with her. "

Andrew Clifford, CEO, Platinum Asset Management

“Quadrant Consulting and AMP Capital have done a number of key business activities over the last few years. This started in the executive coaching capacity dating back to early 2014 and has grown to leadership assessment and guidance, through to becoming the consultant of choice in managing several key offsites for various global teams.

It is a very strong relationship that has been built on a high degree of individual trust built with Beverly Sacks and a number of key senior leaders at AMP Capital. This ongoing work has helped shape team structures and strategies. This trust has been an important component of the overall relationship to achieve the desired team outcomes, as much of the work has required sensitive management of information.

Beverly has a wealth of knowledge and an infectious passion for developing high performing and successful teams, with a key focus on strong leadership. Importantly, Beverly knows how to guide leaders on connecting with their teams on multiple levels, to harness trust, mutual respect and importantly deliver high performing outcomes.”

James Maydew, Head of Global Listed Real Estate, AMP Capital

“Bev has been a fantastic, enthusiastic and wise counsel during turbulent business times. She is not afraid to have difficult conversations. She has great insight and encourages and coaches for effective and purposeful outcomes. Her considerable corporate background allows her to work from the big picture down to the micro level and really get to the guts of the matter. Bev's gentle but firm style ensures permanent and meaningful change.

She has enabled me to really engage with the C Suite and all my stakeholders in new and extremely effective ways. I recommend Bev as a senior coach in the highest possible terms.”

Lynne Colley, National Head of Property and Facilities Management, Fuji Xerox

“I met Bev in a Leadership Microscope session ten years ago and chose Bev as a coach following that. Bev has a laser-like ability to find strengths and areas for development in people. Bev helped me capitalise on my strengths while remaining true to who I am, and was supportive and persistent in helping me make significant changes to become a better leader, and helping me to move to the next phase of my career.”

Chris Briant, CEO Australasia, Parametric

“The goals for the work that Bev has undertaken has been varied. These include, building conviction around collective goal, leadership coaching at all levels of the team and resolving conflict amongst team members.

Throughout these initiatives, Bev has displayed warmth, expertise and humour. We have achieved a huge amount as a team in the last few years and this progress was helped immeasurably by Bev’s contributions.”

Simon Warner, Global Head of Fixed Income, AMP Capital
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