Culture Transformation

In an optimised culture ideas flow, teams respond creatively to challenges and leaders inspire a shared vision of success
Transforming culture begins with understanding the values that inspire the organisation and its people. These values shape every interaction, decision and outcome.

Quadrant draws on the Barrett Model of Organisational Consciousness to identify the core values and motivators and align them with your organisation's strategic intentions.

Quadrant partners with clients in a process which enables organisations to align individual’s personal values with organisational values. This leads to a clear vision and footprint for the organisation which enables people to bring their whole selves to work and unleashes their best thinking and contribution.

Beverly Sacks was able to provide a clear picture of the strengths of our culture, but more importantly, areas of desired improvement. The organisation has learned much and benefited enormously from our interactions with her...
Andrew Clifford, CEO, Platinum Asset Management

Partnering with you to ignite culture transformation

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    This can involve a number of components ranging from an interview driven cultural scan to using an online tool (Barretts Cultural Transformational Tool) to map the alignment between individual’s personal values with current and desired organisational values. The online tool also measures what the potentially limiting values are within the organisation, the degree of functionality or dysfunction in the culture etc.

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    A series of reports and diagrams are produced which show how strong (or not) the alignment may be between people’s personal values and the current organizational values and what is desired in the culture going forward. The top ten aspirational values are identified for further refinement and consideration. Based on this an approach is recommended to enable the business to create or strengthen the existing culture which will enable the people and the business to perform at their best.

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    Quadrant partners and collaborates with clients to build a bespoke program which could include workshops and strategic sessions to agree the values and behaviours that will underpin the culture. Work can also be done to narrow the focus on vision and purpose.

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    The impact of cultural transformation is measured 12 – 24 months later through the same online tool. The strength of cultural transformation is assessed through an increase in functionality / elimination of dysfunction. Overall business performance can be tracked, retention of high performers and engagement are also measures of success that can be used.


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