Our Philosophy

Our philosophy & approach

Humans are intrinsically good and capable of extraordinary things
We believe that people want to do their best and are fully capable of dealing with challenges and achieving goals.

Quadrant’s approach is to provide the frameworks, tools and conversation for leaders to do their own thinking, maximize their strengths, refine their purpose and align their values with work. In this, there is unbounded thinking, limitless possibilities, breakthrough insights and real business outcomes.

"Beverly Sacks knows how to guide leaders on connecting with their teams on multiple levels, to harness trust, mutual respect and importantly deliver high performing outcomes...”
James Maydew, Head of Global Listed Real Estate, AMP Capital


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    All leaders have a different and unique way of being. Our job is not to change people into who they are not. It is to help them  draw on and celebrate their innate strengths, and to make choices about what areas for development will make the most impact and further strengthen their leadership footprint.

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    Growth is hard, it requires us to understand our whole selves, not just the part that shows up at work.  It is about choosing to be fully present and to be vulnerable and trusting and open. And to create spaces for those we lead to be fully present and give of their best.  

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    An inspirational leadership group is bonded by personal and common values and is one that appreciates and welcomes diversity. Leaders deeply understand they do not have to know and do everything. asking for help and leveraging others, is often the most empowering and validating thing they can do. They are not afraid of difference and actively seek out divergent thinking.

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    Strong relationships are at the core of leadership.  The quality of  business outcomes depends on the quality of relationships leaders have with their colleagues, employees, stakeholders and clients. High impact leaders invest in building transparency and trust into every interaction.


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