Team Effectiveness

Effective teams harness diverse strengths and skill sets to deliver business outcomes
Based on our own observations, and research from organisations like Google and Harvard Business School, we know that high-performance teams thrive on clear goals, shared values and trust.

Quadrant partners with senior executive teams supporting them to operate in a way that is effective, bonded and aligned. We draw on a range of methodologies, including the Thinking Environment®, a powerful, collaborative process to reliably generate psychologically safe spaces which deliver breakthrough thinking, outcomes and results.

“We have achieved a huge amount as a team in the last few years and this progress was helped immeasurably by [Quadrant’s] contributions...”
Simon Warner, Global Head of Fixed Income, AMP Capital

Partnering with you to strengthen team effectiveness

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    This involves a diagnostic scan to understand what the current state is, what’s working, what’s not, what is happening within the current leadership team or culture that is preventing team cohesion and what enables the team to operate at a high performance level.

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    A report on the outcomes of the diagnostic scan is produced and an approach is designed to deepen trust and connection between team members, align values and deliver the desired business outcomes.

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    An offsite or series of offsites and workshops are designed, developed and facilitated to further strengthen the team and address the issues, challenges and opportunities that emerged from the diagnostic scan.

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    Impact of building team effectiveness is measured through improvement in business outcomes, people engagement and how effectively the senior or executive leadership team are working together.


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